Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

We are NOW OPEN all days for normal hours however we are implementing a required protocol to protect our guests from the possible spread of illness while visiting. Visitors that are not feeling well, have an elevated temperature or have any possible symptoms of COVID19 are asked to postpone their visit until they are no longer feeling those symptoms. All visitors (over the age of 2yrs.) who are unvaccinated are required to wear a protective face covering at all times while on the property. All are still encouraged to exercise a 6+ft. social distance from anyone not in their family or group. Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing is requested. Stations for such have been installed throughout the zoo. (Please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer to help us budget the zoo’s limited supply.) Parents will be asked to keep all children within arms’ reach at all times to help them respect the space and comfort of other visitors. No food or eating is allowed yet at the zoo.   On-line gift shop purchases are also still available for those with concerns about sharing space with others indoors. These rules and restrictions will lessen as Monterey County Public Health instructs ~ we hope you’ll visit soon as our animals very much miss you and need your support.
 (Please note that tickets purchased on line are absolutely not refundable or useable on an alternative date – for any reason – so it you are at all unsure of your schedule or timing, the same tickets are available in our gift-shop lobby. Daily entrance tickets will not sell out. Feel free to call prior to arriving to check availability for all private tours and/or tours requiring reservations. Donation letters are available to those unable to utilize tickets purchased on-line.)  On-line gift shop purchases are also still available. 
We offer a variety of tour packages that can be catered to your specific needs. Check below for details on our Hours, Pachyderm tours, V.I.A.P. tours, Crunchtime, Butch’s Bedtime, and Walk with the Animals.


Another very fun way to enhance your zoo experience is to bring your mobile device with headphones to scan the many QR-Codes we’ve placed throughout the zoo so you can watch a fun, educational and entertaining 3-5 minute video about the animals you are seeing that day.
Use the map below to plan your visit!  Zoom in on your mobile device to see the full details.  If you would like to print a larger version, just click on the map. Make sure to print it out in landscape mode for best results.

While providing exemplary animal care, Monterey Zoological Society is dedicated to providing an entertaining yet educational experience which fosters public awareness and respect for all wildlife.

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