Buddy’s Bedtime

Buddy’s Bedtime

Bedtime at the Zoo

Bedtime at the zoo is quite an event for all our animals but more so for some than others. Putting a rhino to bed is a bit more complicated than some might think as it means calling them in from the play yard, separating them from their favorite toys, friends (other rhinos, zebras and water buffalo) and reducing their space a bit for health and security reasons but for our rhinos, it also means “DINNER TIME” and a warm barn during the winter.


This tour starts at 5pm and although scheduled for 30-45 minutes, this tour lasts as long as our rhinos dictate, and we’re just fine with that. You’re invited to help. Learn about their history’s, diets, training and our state of the art rhino facilities while also learning a vital conservation message that could help save these very iconic/ threatened/endangered species from extinction.  

We are open 7 days a week – including most holidays  except: We are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

                                                             Children must be 4 years of age or older to attend this tour.

                                            For the health and comfort of the animals, strollers are not allowed on this tour.









$35/person for B&B guests

$70/person for Crunch Time – Bedtime Combo Tour

$60/person for Crunch Time – Bedtime Combo Tour for B&B guests

Tickets available in our Zoo Gift-Shop during Open Hours or just prior to the start of our tours at 4:30PM.


Open 10am-3pm Every Day. (Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day)

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$35.25 ages 15 and up
$25 ages 2-14 (under 2 free – $8 stroller fee)

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While providing exemplary animal care, Monterey Zoological Society is dedicated to providing an entertaining yet educational and conservation minded experience which fosters public awareness and respect for all wildlife.

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