Of all the animal unique to only Australia, none represent the country more than Kangaroos.  They live groups called “mobs”.  Kangaroos are athletic and fast.  They belong to the animal family Macropus, which literally means “big foot.”  Thanks to their large feet, kangaroos can leap some 30 feet in a single bound, and travel more than 30 ​miles per hour​. ​ Kangaroos are native to Eastern Australia.

Our mob at Monterey Zoo is comprised of Vito, Carmine, and Paulie.  All were hand-raised in the homes of our keepers, and our relationships with our kangaroos are similar to those we share with our domestic dogs and cats.  Although kangaroos are known for the pouches, ours are all males therefore they have no pouches.  But they certainly grew up in them, for when kangaroos are born, they are only partially developed and crawl from the birth canal to their mothers pouch where they continue to develop for several months.

Enjoy a brief introduction to Vito, Carmine and Paulie in this video.  They are several of the animals at the zoo that our guests can interact with on special VIP tours.  We hope you’ll join us and do just that as they couldn’t enjoy their human interaction more.

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While providing exemplary animal care, Monterey Zoological Society is dedicated to providing an entertaining yet educational and conservation minded experience which fosters public awareness and respect for all wildlife.

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